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Карбонова прецизна цев с четири бека и твърда кутия за съхранение. 14 инча дължина, подходяща за всички пейнтбол маркери с кокърска резба.


The DeathstixTM Barrel System: a high performance carbon fibre barrel kit designed for tournament of scenario play. It comes in a black hard case with 4 backs .686, .689, .692, and .695. No other Carbon Fibre Barrel Kit is as light weight or configurable as the DeathstixTM barrel kit.

The Series 2 Deathstix barrel kit maintains the ultra accurate 5 to 5 porting design and high quality carbon fibre we have become known for. It also comes with the 4 sizes of backs (.686, .689, .692, and .695) and a black hard case that will keep your barrel safe and secure. The Deathstix Kit is guaranteed to shoot straight and clean out easier than an aluminum barrel.
New changes have been made to the Deathstix for the 2008/2009 line, they incorporate our new Deathstix logo, as well as the word “> > > KILL” on the very tip, these design changes combined with our new colors make the Deathstix barrel kit the most detailed and configurable kit on the market.

Цена: 210.00 лв.